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Facts and figures about ethnic difference & inequality in the UK


Who is for? is designed to provide information about ethnic difference and inequality in the UK, or parts of the UK, to anyone who wants statistical data on differences between ethnic groups. Its emphasis is on information from the UK censuses and surveys and links to the most useful resources available about ethnicity in the UK. It is a resource for students, teachers, journalists, academics and researchers at all levels and in all organisations.

How can I use graphs, data and other content from this website?

You can use any of the graphs or other content from this website as long as you make clear that it has come from and that you reference the originators of the content if it has been taken from another source.

For example, Graph 1 on the general health HSE 2004 page, was created by the project team based on a table from the Health Survey for England survey 2004 in a report by the Department of Health's Information Centre. If you want to use the graph and commentary in any kind of publication (including on a website, in a school, college or university report) or, you should put a reference or note with it to indicate that it came from this source.

What about copyright?

See the question above and the Copyright Statement.

How can I find out more about ethnic different and diversity in the UK?

Look in our Resources pages for more about useful sources of survey data, reports, website and other information about ethnic diversity in the UK.

Is all the data on this website weighted?

Yes, all the graphs and data presented on this website were created using the appropriate weights.

I have a question or comment about this website. Who can I contact?

Please email us at