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Facts and figures about ethnic difference & inequality in the UK

Economic activity: Annual Population Survey, 2009-2011

Graph 1

Graphs 1 and 2 data in Excel

Graph 2

Graphs 1 and 2 data in Excel

In Graphs 1 and 2, unemployment is shown as a proportion of the total working age population in order to show how that population is distributed among the three categories of employed, unemployed and economically inactive. This allows these three statuses to be directly compared. In the Unemployment page, we have used the standard method of reporting unemployment -  the unemployment rate - which calculates the rate of unemployment as a proportion of the economically active population.

These charts show considerable variation by ethnic group with unemployment considerably higher for most minority ethnic groups - male and female. Chinese men have the highest levels of economic inactivity - discussed in the Economic Inactivity page - whilst  Pakistani and Bangladeshi women have levels of economic inactivity that are much higher than any other group. The reasons for inactivity are apparent in Graph 2 on the Economic Inactivity page.