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Facts and figures about ethnic difference & inequality in the UK

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Find out about the Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) and the people involved.

Ethnicity is a complex concept that cannot be adequately captured by a simple classification. However, ethnic classifications provide a way of highlighting very important differences and inequalities between groups that need to be made explicit if they are to be recognised and addressed by policy-makers. The figures presented on these web-pages should be taken as a starting point for asking much deeper questions about the processes that underlie the observed differences, rather than an end in themselves.

This web site is designed to help you to locate data and information about ethnic difference and inequality in the UK. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) via the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and is managed by the Population, Ethnicity, Religion and Migration (PERM) research group based at the University of Manchester.

Latest news

The Economic and Social Research Council’s Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) has prepared briefings on the 'Dynamics of diversity: evidence from the 2011 Census':

Latest Briefing: How have people’s ethnic identities changed in England and Wales?

Changing Identities banner Education briefing
How have people’s ethnic identities changed in England and Wales? How are ethnic inequalities in education changing?
CoDE Ethnicity and Deprivation Census Briefing CoDE English Proficiency Census Briefing
Ethnicity and deprivation in England Who can and cannot speak English?
CoDE Health Census Briefing CoDE Language Diversity Census Briefing
Which ethnic groups have the poorest health? What languages are spoken in England and Wales?
 CoDE Housing Briefing CoDE Employment change 1991-2011 census briefing 
How has the rise in private renting disproportionately affected some ethnic groups? Have ethnic inequalities in employment persisted between 1991 and 2011?
CoDE Age Structure census briefing
Ethnic inequalities in labour market participation? What makes ethnic group populations grow?
Who feels British? Has neighbourhood segregation decreased?
Count Immigration Plural Cities
How can we count immigration and integration? Does Britain have plural cities?
More segregation or mixing Ethnic Diversity
More segregation or more mixing? How has ethnic diversity grown 1991-2001-2011?

The briefings are funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and CoDE.