Game of life

Working with young adults, CoDE contributed a session to the University’s Year 10 ‘Wise Up’ residential summer school.

Three female students on The University of Manchester campus

The summer school was organised by the Widening Participation team and brought together, for 4 days, 60 Year 10 pupils from 10 schools in disadvantaged areas across Greater Manchester.

The broad aim was to introduce students to university life, which includes engaging in different sessions delivered by University staff. CoDE’s session was focused around ethnicity, inequality, and racism.

This consisted of a brief introduction into the meaning and measurement of ethnicity; a board game (the ‘game of life’) in which students learnt about the origins and consequences of disadvantage, discussed possible policy implications, and implemented one policy change. A final session where students learnt about anti-racism and used social media to research different anti-racism movements.

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