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Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity

Migration and Families Network

This emerging network brings together key scholars, policymakers, practitioners and postgraduate students from across Europe to examine family migration across Europe.

mother and child with a suitcase walking down street

The aim of this network is to provide a forum for debate and the exchange of knowledge for those researching, studying and working within migration from the family perspective. Our objective is to organise conferences, seminars and publications to increase understanding of this often salient topic and influence policy surrounding family migration at the local, national and international level.

Supporters and funders

Our supporters and funders include:

Network activity

We hosted a two-day international conference on the 7 and 8 February 2017 entitled ‘Migration and Families in Europe: National and Local Perspectives at a Time of Euroscepticism’. The conference brought together scholars, practitioners and policy makers from the UK and Europe to discuss the complexity of migration and what it means for families in the current political climate.  The conference explored a range of topics on family migration including ageing and elderly migration; refugee families; parenting and migrant children; family migration policies and the movement of families to and within the EU; and methods and challenges in researching family migration.

Dr Lindsey Garratt and Dr Kitty Lymperopoulou draw on some of the presentations made at the conference to highlight the disconnect between policies and practices relating to migrants and the experiences of migrant families in Europe in their recent blog post on Policy@Manchester:

An account of our recent conference can be found as a twitter storify document and we also have copies of the presentations available: