Health and wellbeing

Inequalities in health among ethnic groups have been extensively documented and ethnic minority people’s lower socioeconomic resources and experiences of racism and discrimination have been identified as crucial determinants of these inequalities.

children at a karate class

The research explores the influence that changes in these contextual characteristics (examined by other research groups) have had on the production and reproduction of ethnic inequalities in health over time and across periods.

This will allow an examination of how the patterning and unfolding of health inequalities reflect heterogeneity in the historical and present characteristics of ethnic groups.

Analyses will explore the interaction between several domains examined in detail by CoDE (for example, racism and discrimination, experiences of identity, housing, employment, education and ethnic geographies) that are usually considered in isolation, to understand how the dynamics and the drivers of health inequalities have unfolded in the UK.

Incorporated within this will be an examination of lifecourse effects, differences across generations and gender differences.