Our people

Our team includes researchers from a variety of universities and other institutions. All are based at the University of Manchester unless stated otherwise.

For general enquiries, please email code@manchester.ac.uk

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Bridget Byrne - Professor of Sociology and Director of CoDE, University of Manchester
Creative and cultural industries, class, citizenship, gender, nation.

Claire Alexander - Professor of Sociology and Associate Director of CoDE
Decolonising the curriculum, youth/gangs, migration/diaspora, south Asians/Muslims in Britain.

James Nazroo - Professor of Sociology and Associate Director of CoDE
Health, mental health, life course, racism.

Academic and research staff

Roaa Ali - Research Associate (Diversity in creative/cultural industries)
Politics of representation, cultural production, Arab American drama/theatre, Islamophobia.

Laia Bécares - Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex
Discrimination, health, lifecourse, mental health.

Neema Begum - Research Associate (EVENS)
Ethnic minority voting behaviour, political participation and representation, intersectionality, whiteness. 

Rashida Bibi - Research Associate (Decolonising History)
Gender, Islamophobia, religion, belonging, everyday spaces

Seán Carey - Senior Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences
Ethnicity and identity, food and hospitality, East London, and ethnography.

Ken Clark - Senior Lecturer in Economics 
Labour market, employment, self-employment, ethnic pay gap

Dan Ellingworth - Research Associate (EVENS)

Nissa Finney - Professor of Human Geography, University of St Andrews 

Stephanie Guirand - Research Associate Goldsmiths, University of London 
Gender, census, and housing

Maria Haarmans - Research Associate 
Intersectional inequalities, co-production and participatory research methods, gender, mental health.

Sadia Habib - Research Associate (Contesting statues)
Education, identities, belongings, culture, media, museums and heritage. 

Suzi Hall - Associate Professor in Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science
Migration, racial borderscapes, livelihoods.

Scarlet Harris (scarlet.harris@manchester.ac.uk) - Research Associate (Policing the crisis)
State racisms, policing, nationalism, anti-racism.

Jenny Hewitt - Research Associate (Accumulation of disadvantage over the lifecourse), University of Sussex 

Remi Joseph-Salisbury - Presidential Fellow in Sociology
Education, policing, mixed-race, anti-racism.

Dharmi Kapadia - Lecturer in Sociology
Mental illness, mental health services, stigma, older people.

Vittal Katikireddi - Professor of Public Health & Health Inequalities, University of Glasgow
Public health, Social epidemiology, Health inequalities, Natural experiment methods.

Julia King - Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science
Urbanism, planning, spatial analysis, mapping.

Sundeep Lidher - Lecturer in History, King's College London
Migration, mobility control, subjecthood, citizenship, law, policy.

Nasar Meer - Professor of Sociology, University of Edinburgh
Racialization, Islamophobia, Cities, Public Policy, Migration, Race Equality in Scotland, Local and National Citizenship.

Nico Ochmann - Research Associate (Gig economy)
Ethnic minorities in the UK labour market, precarious employment.

Chloe Peacock - Research Associate (Contesting statues)

Rohini Rai - Research Associate
Global racisms, migration, postcolonial theory, 'Global South' cities, urban ethnography.

Ruth Ramsden-Karelse - Research Associate (Contesting statues)

Anamik Saha - Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London
Creative and cultural industries, media representation, cultural production.

Natalie Shlomo - Professor of Social Statistics
Statistician, survey statistics and methodology.

Harry Taylor - Research Associate, EVENS
Health, advanced quantitative methods.

Meghan Tinsley - Presidential Fellow in Sociology 
Nationalism, postcolonial theory, collective memory, cultural production.

Lisa White - Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University
Policing the crisis

Patrick Williams - Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Gary Younge - Professor of Sociology
Social movements (especially the civil rights movement), immigration, identity and politics.

Professional support staff

Madeleine Jones (code@manchester.ac.uk) - Project Administrator

Emma Tsoneva (emma.tsoneva@manchester.ac.uk) - Project Manager

Hazel Burke (hazel.burke@manchester.ac.uk) - Impact Officer

CoDE affiliated members

  • Ajmal HussainAssistant Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick
  • Alina Rzepnikowska-Phillip - Lecturer in Sociology, University of Manchester
  • Andrew Smith - Professor of Sociology, University of Glasgow
  • Anthony Heath - Professor of Sociology, University of Oxford
  • Bethan Harries - Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Newcastle University
  • Claire Fox - Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Manchester
  • Dawn Edge - Professor of Mental Health and Inclusivity, University of Manchester
  • Derron Wallace - Assistant Professor of Sociology and Education, Brandeis University (USA)
  • Eithne Quinn - Senior Lecturer in American Studies, University of Manchester
  • Gareth Mulvey - Lecturer in Sociology, University of Glasgow
  • Gemma Catney - Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Queen's University Belfast
  • Gilane Tawadros - Chief Executive, The Design and Artists Copyright Society
  • Gwilym Pryce - Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics, University of Sheffield
  • Hammad Nasar - Senior Research Fellow, Paul Mellon Centre
  • Ingrid Storm - Fellow in Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, Birmingham University
  • James Laurence - Research Fellow in Sociology, University of Manchester
  • James Pattison - Research Associate, University of Manchester
  • John Solomos - Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick
  • Joya Chatterji - Professor of South Asian History, University of Cambridge
  • Kamila Rymajdo - Research Associate, University of Manchester
  • Kitty Lymperopoulou - Senior Research Associate in Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Latoya Reisner - Research Associate, University of Manchester
  • Laurence Lessard-Phillips - Senior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
  • Lindsey Garratt - Lecturer in Childhood, Youth and Education Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Ludi Simpson - Honorary Professor of Social Sciences, University of Manchester
  • Marcus Hunter - Professor in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Mark Brown - Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics, University of Manchester
  • Omar Khan - Director, TASO
  • Pete Wade - Professor in Social Anthropology, University of Manchester
  • Peter GriesLee Kai Hung Chair and Director of the Manchester China Institute, and Professor of Chinese Politics
  • Rebecca McKee - Research Fellow, University College London
  • Rob Berkeley - Simon Industrial Fellow, University of Manchester
  • Rob Ford - Professor in Politics, University of Manchester
  • Satnam Virdee - Professor of Sociology, University of Glasgow
  • Sean Carey - Senior Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester
  • Sharon Leahy - Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of St Andrews
  • Shirin Hirsch - Lecturer in History, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Shamus Khan - Chair and Professor of Sociology, Columbia University (USA)
  • Silvia Galandini - Programme Researcher
  • Stephanie Wallace - Research Associate
  • Stephen Ashe - University of Manchester
  • Steve Nolan - Liverpool John Moores University
  • Stephen Drinkwater - Professor of Economics, University of Roehampton
  • Stephen Jivraj - Associate Professor in Social Science, University College London
  • Tina Hannemann - Lecturer in Social Statistics, University of Manchester

PhD students

A full list of our current and past PhD students and their thesis titles

  • Anna Pearce - Researching the relationship between the asylum support system and grey economies
  • Michaela Kyclova - Family Complexity and Children’s Outcomes in the UK: A Longitudinal Approach
  • Elisabeth Badenhoop - Transformation from "Immigrants" to "Citizens" - A Comparison of Citizenship Admission Processes in Britain and Germany Today
  • Magda Borkowska - Drivers of ethnic minorities' political participation: the group consciousness approach re-examined
  • Frensis Bras - An Agent-Based Model approach to understanding changes in ethnic relations: applications to neighbourhood ethnic composition and health
  • Karis Campion - The Making of Mixed Ethnicities, 1945-2011
  • Patrick English - The Dynamics of Descriptive Representation and Public Opinion – The Missing Determinant of Opportunity for Immigrant Communities in the United Kingdom
  • Paul Goldie - The Irish Catholic question in Scotland
  • Eleanor Hill - It’s not what you know, it’s who you know: What are the implications of social networks in UK politics for electoral choice?
  • Sylwia Jurkowska - UK Poles and interethnic relationships: attitudes and experiences
  • Anouk Kootstra - Conditions of solidarity: how perceived deservingness of welfare support is affected by economic austerity and social diversity
  • Minna Liinpaa - Nationalism, devolution and ethnic identity in Scotland
  • Maureen McBride - Towards a better Understanding of Sectarianism in Scotland: a case study of football supporters and the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (2012)
  • Mengxi Pang - Investigating identity formation of mixed-race children in Scotland
  • Alina Rzepnikowska-Phillip - Convivial cultures in multicultural societies: narratives of Polish migrants in Britain and Spain
  • William Shankley - Changing geographies of ethnic diversity in Britain