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Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity

Our people

Our team includes talented researchers, support staff and affiliated experts from across a variety of institutions.

Find out more about them below:

Academic staff

Professional support staff

CoDE affiliated members

Strategy Board Members

  • Richard Alba - Professor of Sociology, The City University of New York
  • David Blackaby - Professor of Economics, Swansea University
  • Anthony Heath - Professor of Sociology, University of Oxford
  • James Jackson - Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan
  • Steve Jeffreys - Professor of Sociology, London Metropolitan University
  • Frank Kalter - Professor of Sociology, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Michael Keith - Centre Director, Compas
  • Kevin Lang - Professor of Economics, Boston University
  • Ann Phoenix - Professor of Social Psychology, University of London
  • Lucinda Platt - Professor of Social Policy and Sociology, The London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Ian Preston - Professor of Economics, UCL 
  • Papaarangi Reid - Public Health Physician, University of Auckland
  • Shamit Saggar - Professor of Political Science, University of Essex
  • Patrick Simon - Director of Research, Public Institute INED
  • John Solomos - Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick
  • Jean Tillie - Professor of Electoral Policies, University of Amsterdam
  • Mary Waters - Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

Advisory Board Members

  • David Blackaby - Professor of Economics, Swansea University
  • Jabeer Butt - Deputy Chief Executive, Race Equality Foundation
  • Atiha Chaudry - Chair, Manchester BME Network
  • Tim Conway - Policy Manager, Black Training and Enterprise Group
  • Jeremy Crook - Director, Department of Work and Pensions
  • Karen Hurrell - Senior Statistician, Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Jane Kennedy - Research Business Manager, Newham Council
  • Sandra Kerr - Chair, Ethnic Minority Employment Stakeholders' Group
  • Omar Khan - Director, The Runnymede Foundation
  • Miriam Light - Department of Communities and Local Government
  • Chris Orme - Head of School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester
  • Alison Phipps - Professor of Language and Intercultural Studies, Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network
  • Ann Phoenix - Professor of Education, Institute of Education 
  • Wilf Sullivan - Director, Trades Union Congress (TUC)
  • Chris Weedon - Director, Cardiff University
  • Charles Willie - Chief Executive, Diverse Cymru
  • Simon Woolley - Director, Operation Black Vote

PhD students

  • Elisabeth Badenhoop - Transformation from "Immigrants" to "Citizens" - A Comparison of Citizenship Admission Processes in Britain and Germany Today
  • Magda Borkowska - Drivers of ethnic minorities' political participation: the group consciousness approach re-examined
  • Frensis Bras - An Agent-Based Model approach to understanding changes in ethnic relations: applications to neighbourhood ethnic composition and health
  • Ms Karis Campion - The Making of Mixed Ethnicities, 1945-2011
  • Patrick English - The Dynamics of Descriptive Representation and Public Opinion – The Missing Determinant of Opportunity for Immigrant Communities in the United Kingdom
  • Paul Goldie - The Irish Catholic question in Scotland
  • Eleanor Hill - It’s not what you know, it’s who you know: What are the implications of social networks in UK politics for electoral choice?
  • Sylwia Jurkowska - UK Poles and interethnic relationships: attitudes and experiences
  • Anouk Kootstra - Conditions of solidarity: how perceived deservingness of welfare support is affected by economic austerity and social diversity
  • Minna Liinpaa - Nationalism, devolution and ethnic identity in Scotland
  • Maureen McBride - Towards a better Understanding of Sectarianism in Scotland: a case study of football supporters and the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (2012)
  • Mengxi Pang - Investigating identity formation of mixed-race children in Scotland
  • Alina Rzepnikowska-Phillip - Convivial cultures in multicultural societies: narratives of Polish migrants in Britain and Spain
  • William Shankley - Changing geographies of ethnic diversity in Britain