Race & ethnicity in Britain podcast

Mini-series of Surviving Society podcast.

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In this collaboration between CoDE and the Surviving Society podcast, host Chantelle Lewis is in conversation with CoDE members, discussing their research on race and ethnicity in Britain today. We will add links to new episodes as they become available. Or you can subscribe to all episodes of Surviving Society, on Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts.

E1. Introduction: past, present & future of ethnicity research

Directors of CoDE, Bridget Byrne, Claire Alexander and James Nazroo introduce the new collaborative series of Surviving Society focused on the research produced within the centre. This episode focuses on the politics of communicating research on ethnic inequalities during political calamities.

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E2. Contesting statues of empire and slavery

Meghan Tinsley, Gary Younge and Chloe Peacock discuss their research on the activism which surrounds statues of empire and slavery.
The research team - which also included Ruth Ramsden-Karelse and Sadia Habib – looked at political discourse and policy literature and conducted interviews with activists to compare the contestation of statues across fifteen sites in the UK, the US, South Africa, Martinique, and Belgium.

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E3. Whiteness studies

Bridget Byrne, Alana Lentin and Vron Ware on the history of whiteness studies and what this scholarship has done to both obscure, and help us to understand, the social reproduction of race.

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