Local ethnic inequalities

Ethnic minorities are more likely to live in urban areas and are still more likely to experience inequalities in many aspects of their day to day lives.

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It is understood that different ethnic groups have different experiences, but local variation is less understood.

The Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity and Runnymede Trust has explored the nature of ethnic inequalities in four domains – education, employment, housing and health – for every local authority in England and Wales.

Research reveals differences in otherwise similar areas, and also in non-urban areas where relatively few ethnic minorities are thought to live.

The project report suggests which areas are doing well, and which need greater improvement in terms of ethnic minority outcomes.

It concludes that local authorities could help reduce inequalities through improved collaboration and shared practice.

Project outputs

View the project briefing, report and area profiler which support this project:

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Project funding

This project was made possible by an ESRC Impact Accelerator Grant administered by The University of Manchester.