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Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity


Videos generated through research and artistic dialogue are developed to raise awareness of ethnic inequalities.

Our latest videos can be found below.

Project videos

Our research activity generates a large volume of content, including videos which help to narrate and explain some of the major issues with ethnic inequalities around the world.

The below films are some of the results of our work.


CoDE summer conference 2017


Racism at work videos

The Racism at Work project included the qualitative analysis of more than 2,000 comments related to racial harassment and bullying at work, and more than 3,000 comments relating to the promotion of equality and diversity in the workplace. These short films highlight some of the findings from interviews with people who took part in the Race at Work survey.


Poetry videos

A large body of international research shows that racism and racial discrimination are fundamental causes of the ethnic inequalities we observe in today’s society – including in education, employment, and neighbourhood conditions. In these videos, we focus on the harm that racism does to children’s development and chances for a healthy and successful life.

Evidence from UK and international studies was used to inform discussions on racism and child health, and serve as the inspiration behind the three powerful poems, researched by Laia Becares, written by Yusra Warsama and filmed by Mauro Camal. The purpose of these videos is to serve as a counter-narrative to everyday racist arguments, documentaries, and stereotypes that are commonplace in society, and that help maintain and reproduce ethnic inequalities in health, education, and employment, among other social indicators.