'Ethnicity and race in the UK: State of the Nation' book

50 years after the Race Relations Act, what progress has been made to end discrimination in public life?

Edited by Bridget Byrne, Claire Alexander, Omar Khan, James Nazroo and William Shankley.

Published in 2020, this accessible book provides commentary by some of the UK’s foremost scholars of race and ethnicity on data relating to a wide range of sectors of society, including employment, health, education, criminal justice, housing and representation in the arts and media.

It explores what progress has been made, identifies those areas where inequalities remain stubbornly resistant to change, and asks how our thinking around race and ethnicity has changed in an era of Islamophobia, Brexit and an increasingly diverse population. 

List of chapters

  • State of the Nation: Ethnicity, Race and Inequality in the UK ~ Claire Alexander and Bridget Byrne
  • The Demography of Ethnic Minorities in Britain ~ William Shankley, Tina Hannemann and Ludi Simpson
  • Citizen Rights and Immigration ~ William Shankley and Bridget Byrne
  • Minority Ethnic Groups, Policing and the Criminal Justice System in Britain: William Shankley and Patrick Williams
  • Health Inequalities ~ Karen Chouhan and James Nazroo
  • Ethnic Inequalities in the State Education System in England ~ Claire Alexander and William Shankley
  • Ethnic Minorities in the Labour Market in Britain ~ Ken Clark and William Shankley
  • Ethnic Minorities and Housing in Britain ~ William Shankley and Nissa Finney
  • Arts, Media and Ethnic Inequalities ~ Sarita Malik and William Shankley
  • Politics and Representation ~ Maria Sobolewska and William Shankley
  • Racisms in Contemporary Britain ~ William Shankley and James Rhodes
  • Conclusion ~ Omar Khan
  • Recommendations ~ Omar Khan